Leaked emails: Crypto exchange Coinbase is ‘temporarily shutting down’ its US affiliate-marketing program

Coinbase closing affiliate program
  • Coinbase is “temporarily shutting down” its US affiliate program for influencers and publishers.
  • In a leaked email shared with insiders, Coinbase said the US program would end on July 19.
  • In those same emails, the company said it plans to resume the program in 2023.

Cryptographic exchange Coinbase is “temporarily shutting down” its affiliate marketing program in the United States, according to an email sent to two creators and shared with Insider.

According to both emails, the US program will be temporarily suspended on July 19th.

“We are pleased to announce that Coinbase will temporarily suspend its affiliate program in the United States on Tuesday, July 19th,” the email said. “This was neither an easy decision nor an easy decision, but due to the crypto market conditions and the remaining outlook for 2022, Coinbase will not be able to continue to support incentive traffic to the platform.”

The company said in an email that it did not share the exact timeline, but plans to resume the program in 2023.

“We have established many valuable partnerships through our partner platforms and would like to update them in the future,” both emails said.

This change occurs when Coinbase is free from cryptocurrency crashes.

June 14, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Announced in a blog post The company 18% of the staff, or about 1,100 employees, were dismissed.. On Friday, Bloomberg reported Coinbase is currently the 14th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, down from its 4th position less than a year ago.

Prior to this recent affiliate news, Coinbase had already lowered the commission rates for some influencers. In June. A creator who earned $ 40 per sign-up in early 2022 said that amount would drop by more than 90% per sign-up to $ 2.

“I’m not paying attention because my committee is almost non-existent,” said the third influential person who used the program.

Many personal finance influencers make money from affiliate marketing, promote sales, and sign up for the platform.

These financial affiliate programs can be run directly through the company or through affiliate marketing networks such as Impact and CJ Affiliate. Coinbase Launches Affiliate Marketing Program 2019.. The program is operated in partnership with Impact to help companies connect with influencers, manage rates and track applications.

Coinbase didn’t immediately respond to your comment request.

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